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E-Dek Plastic Pallets Pallets

E-Dek Plastic Pallets Skid Plastic Pallets
E-Dek Skid Plastic Pallets
This four way entry skid pallet is made of high tensile steel and plastic inserts, which outperforms both timber and plastic pallets of similar design. This makes it vastly stronger, more durable and repairable.

E-Dek Plastic Plastic Pallets Econo Plastic Pallets
E-Dek Econo Pallets
This low cost, light duty pallet relies on the high tensile strength of steel to achieve an impressive load carrying capacity. It is nestable, light weight and tough.

E-Dek Plastic Plastic Pallets Full Perimeter Plastic Pallets
E-Dek Full Perimeter Plastic Pallet
The confiquration of this unit is identical to the full perimeter standard timber pallet currently in use, allowing for complete inter-changeability. It's racking load is greater than any other equivalent pallet.

E-Dek Plastic Pallets Collapsible Box
E-Dek Collapsible Box
This unit is collapsible for effective space utilisation, four way entry and can be used with forklift and pallet jacks. The units are also stackable. Units of different size and configuration such as an integral lid and drop down gates are also available.

E-Dek Plastic Pallets Component Plastic Pallets
E-Dek Component Pallets
This unique modular clip-in plastic pallet tile lends itself to a multitude of applications other than pallets.

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Manufacturer of Steel Pallets with a Plastic insert
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