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E-Dek Plastic Pallets Skid Pallets

This four way entry skid pallet is made of high tensile steel and plastic, which outperforms both timber and plastic units of similar design, strengthwise.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers the full benefit of nesting, to optimise relocation costs. (Both on open vehicles and containers).
  • The units are maintainable at a low maintenance cost.
  • They can be custom made to size.
  • Pallets are nestable.
  • Stacking height for 2 pallets is 185mm


  • Best used where relocation costs are critical and racking of pallets is required
  • Foodgrade Certified

Technical Information
E-Dek Skid Pallet
E-Dek Skid Pallets
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E-Dek Skid Pallets : Plastic Blue Pallets
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