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E-Dek Plastic Pallets Special Advantages of the E-Dek Composite Steel and Plastic Pallet

The E-Dek Plastic Pallets composite steel and plastic pallet has many advantages over wooden and plastic pallets. E-Dek’s range of pallets is a revolutionary concept in freight handling. Made from a high tensile steel pallet frame with a plastic pallet slat, the pallet outperforms wooden or plastic pallets of similar design in both strength and durability.
  • European Union Foodgrade Certification
  • Low cost to strength ratio
  • High load carrying capacity to pallet mass ratio
  • Durable because they are hot-dipped galvanised to ISO 1461
  • Pallet surface configuration easily customisable to suit client requirements
  • Better warehouse utilisation
  • Outperforms plastic pallets and wooden pallets
  • Pallet pilferage reduction
  • Minimal pallet scrap value
  • Easily replaceable and cost effective plastic pallet components
  • Environmentally friendly (100% recycleable pallet)
  • Unaffected by time or temperature within normal operating conditions (-20° to +35°)
  • Accurate and unvarying mass (not moisture dependent as wooden pallets are)
  • High volume production possible
  • Low maintenance cost compared to timber or plastic pallets
  • Conforms to the performance requirements of local and international standards for pallets (ISO 8611)
  • Minimal pallet damage through superior product design
  • Design allows for customisation of pallet without expensive die changes
  • Can be handled by crane and sling as well as forklift
  • Readily accepts attachments like side supports or walls to convert the pallet into a box or bin
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 compliant factory

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Special Advantages of the E-Dek Composite Steel and Plastic Pallet